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District 6

"Our hovercraft, our high-speed trains, and our cargo trains come to us from District 6. Ironically, the citizens here have little love for travel."


District 6's industry is transportation. They make automobile, trains, bicycles, and even the hovercraft. Most transportation devices get sent to the Capitol but some make it to the Districts.


  • Male Morphling- He won the 24th Hunger Games and he participated in the 75th Hunger Games. After his Games he got addicted to Morphling, a powerful drug. He died in the Cornucopia bloodbath on day one in the 75th Hunger Games.
  • Female Morphling- She won the 28th Hunger Games and participated in the 75th Hunger Games. She also got addicted to Morphling after her Games. She died from an attack by the Orange Monkey Muttations.
  • District 6 Male (74th Hunger Games)- He participated in the 74th Hunger Games. In training, Cato accused him of stealing his knife (which Rue actually did). Cato promised to kill him in the arena, which he did.
  • District 6 Female (74th Hunger Games)- During training, she learned to use a bow and arrow. But it didn't help during the Games because she died on the first day. She was killed by Thresh.
  • Titus- Titus was a tribute in an unknown Hunger Games. During his Games he went crazy and he turned to cannibalism. He was killed by an avalanche that is rumored to be caused by the Gamemakers.

District 6.jpg
Industry Transportation
Alliance The Districts
Mayor Unknown


Known Citizens[]

  • Female Morphling
  • Male Morphling
  • Titus
  • Jason
  • District 6 Female (74th Hunger Games)


  • Male Morphling (deceased)
  • Female Morphling (deceased)
  • Titus (deceased)
  • Jason (deceased)
  • District 6 Female (74th Hunger Games) (deceased)


  • Male Morphling - Won the 24th Hunger Games
  • Female Morphling - Won the 28th Hunger Games


None are known


None are known


  • Male Morphling
  • Female Morphling

263px-District 6 Tributes.png


  • Titus (tahy-tuhs)
    1. a disciple and companion of the apostle Paul, to whom Paul is supposted to have adressed in Epistle.
    2. a male given name

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