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Name Unknown
~District One~


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This tribute was reaped for the second Quarter Quell, in which there were four tributes reaped from each district. She survived many traps and dangers including the carnivorous squirrels, the pink birds, the stinging butterflies, and volcano disquised as a mountain, which took out most of the other careers.

She did the usual Career alliance. After half of the Career alliance was killed by the volcano she decided to go on her own.

She eventually made it to the final five. Maysilee Donner, of District 12, was the next to die. Minutes after she broke the alliance with Haymitch, the candy-pink birds stabbed her in the neck with its beak.

One other tribute was eaten by carnivorous squirrels and the other was killed by this District 1 female. Now that it was down to her and Haymitch, she began to hunt him down. Finally she found him at the edge of the arena. The two fought a gruesome battle. Haymitch cut her eye out and she hit him with her axe so deep that his intestines began to fall out. Haymitch ran to the cliff and she chucked her last axe at him. He dodged it and then ducked as the axe rebounded off of the forcefield and lodged itself in her head.

District 1 girl.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 12-18
District One
Height Unknown
Weapon Axe
Status Deceased
Killed By Haymitch Abernathy


Not much is known about her personality. It can be assumed, however, that she was very determined, strong, and ruthless. She killed many tributes and survived all the dangers in the arena to make it to the final two.


Eye cut out.jpg

This tribute had blonde hair. It had a little darker colors in it but other than that it was mostly blonde. Her eyes looked savage. Although it is unknown if that was from the arena or if they were always like that. She was fairly short but she had great skills in fighting and she was not to be underestimated.


Beause she is a Career, she most likely killed many tributes. It was never specified which tributes she killed but we do know that she at least killed two tributes from unknown districts.


Haymitch Abernathy[]

This girl only met Haymitch one where they battled to the death. Haymitch cut her eye out and she made his intestines almost fall out. Haymitch ended up tricking her into killing herself by ducked her thrown axe, which rebounded off of the forcefield and lodged itself in her head.

Film Portrayal

She is played by Danielle Chuchran in a fan-made film.