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~District One~

"They seem polite but cool and I spend the whole time thinking about how I killed both the tributes from their district, Glimmer and Marvel, last year, and they probably knew them and might have been their mentors."

-Katniss about Cashmere and Gloss


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Cashmere won the 67th Hunger Games, a year after her brother Gloss did, and she was reaped for the 75th Hunger Games.

During her interview with Caesar Flickerman, she says that she cannot stop crying when she thinks about how the Capitol citizens must be suffering for their loss of 23 victors. During the bloodbath she was not seen by Katniss, but after she left she killed emerged and started killing. When Johanna, Katniss, Finnick, Beetee, Peeta, and Wiress were at the Cornucopia, Gloss and Cashmere snuck up and Gloss slit Wiress' throat. Katniss shot Gloss in the temple and Johanna threw an axe at Cashmere's chest.

It was later found out that President Snow, had forced Cashmere to prosititute for Capitol citizens.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Mid 20's
District One
Height Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Status Deceased
Killed By Johanna Mason


Being a career, Cashmere was arrogant and conceited. She was very spoiled, being raised in District 1. She also may have been very controlling, as she seemed to have control over her brother Gloss.


Gloss had curly blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. She was average height and very skinny.


Cashmere was at the bloodbath and may have killed many tributes. Cashmere, being the victor of the 67th Hunger Games, most likely killed many other tributes in those Games as well as some in the 75th Hunger Games.

  • Male Morphling (possibly)
  • Cecelia (possibly)
  • Woof (possibly)
  • District 9 Male (possibly)
  • District 9 Female (possibly)
  • District 10 Male (possibly)
  • Seeder (possibly)



Gloss was Cashmere's brother. They won consecutive Games and they were very close. Cashmere had a little bit of control over Gloss though.

Enobaria and Brutus[]

It is unknown if Cashmere was friends with Enobaria or Brutus. They may have been because victors usually tend to become friends. They were in the career pack together in the 75th Hunger Games.


  • She and Gloss are the only characters mentioned to be sibling victors
  • She most likely mentored Marvel and Glimmer